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Hi! I’m Kim, I’ve been a professional London wedding photographer in London for over fifteen years.  I hope you enjoy looking at my photography portfolios from the menu above for wedding photography, babies, familiesNHS trusts and corporate work.  If you do, read no further and get in touch!

My love of photography is not limited to wedding photography, it's been a lifelong passion since age 9. When my travelling through Europe on holiday with my parents, I was rationed one single photo a day on our family’s film camera.  I would think and plan my single shot carefully and can still see in my mind the picture I wanted to capture - a family of swans swimming under a bridge in the rain in Lucerne, Switzerland.  I waited patiently for that shot, much to the chagrin of my rain-soaked parents, but I got it in the end.  

That photo pretty much sums up my approach to photography and taking pictures all these years later – a clear vision of the kind of photograph I want to capture, coupled with diligence and patience.  Good wedding photography isn’t about showing off but about capturing real moments that tell stories from your big day you want to look to at again and again later in life.  A good photograph isn’t always perfect, but it’s the perfect moment – the bride shyly smiling walking down the aisle, a newborn baby making eye contact with mum in a brand-new world, stress free couple photos, or moments of family laughter and chaos during a portrait session.

With an education in art history and a stint at Christie’s, I became a wedding photographer in 2006 after having the inspiration to photograph a friend’s London wedding as a little surprise wedding present.  She had booked a professional photographer, but she later told me that she thought I took incredible photos and their quality perfectly captured the spirit, joy and style of their day, venue and guests. She then suggested I pivot to being a wedding photographer so I could shoot other couple's wedding photographs. I've been lucky enough to shoot London weddings ever since.

With almost 400 weddings in my portfolio, more than a decade in the wedding industry, and several award winning images, I can honestly say that being a female wedding photographer in London and capturing a couple's special day is one of the best jobs I can imagine.  I love meeting people from all walks of life and around the world.  I’ve had the opportunity to photograph the wedding day for gay weddings, Asian weddings, Hindu weddings, Muslim weddings, lesbian weddings, and on a few occasions a combination of two or more.  That's wedding photography London for you!

Also, I get to be creative and capture and tell the story of each wedding day and ensure the big day is recorded in a series of story and memories which are beautiful, artistic and relaxed.  You’ll see me on the ground photographing up to show a big, blue sky or in a rose bush to frame a couple through colourful flowers.  Ask me when to plan a portrait session, and every time, I will answer – in the golden hour before sunset so that everything is glowing in romantic natural light. Anything worth photographing is worth photographing beautifully!

More recently, I worked on the maternity ward at Whittington Hospital as a mother and baby photographer.  It was an amazing job to document hundreds of little ones’ first hours in this world.  As a people person, my time at Whittington led to working for the Communications departments as a commercial photographer for several NHS Trusts.  

​One of London's friendliest wedding photographers​

So, whatever you’d like photographed, if you want honest, flattering images taken by an experienced and friendly female who is also one of the top photographers in London, then get in touch. Have a look at the kind words past clients have written about me and the quality of my photographs from their dream day they got married surrounded by friends, fun and joy on my testimonials page.

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