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Say "I do" at Islington Town Hall

London Wedding Photography at Islington Register Office

I’ve been photographing weddings and civil partnerships (before gay weddings) at Islington Town Hall since 2006, so I know a thing or two about planning a great ceremony for you and your guests in Islington.  Here’s a list of my top five things to love and plan for with your wedding photos at Islington Town Hall.


Top 5 reasons to love weddings at Islington Town Hall

  1. Islington Town Hall is a quintessentially London wedding venue.  It’s a grand building on buzzy Upper Street with lots of people about, red London buses and easy access to the centre of London.

  2. The registrars are super friendly and inclusive.  They allow photographs during the ceremony and aren’t officious, power-hungry civil servants.  Islington Town Hall hosted the first gay wedding in 2014.  It’s that kind of Register Office.

  3. The interior has great bones for architectural backgrounds and framing in your photos.  Not every building has interesting windows, natural light and the ability to photograph silhouettes, but Islington Town Hall has all three.

  4. There are brilliant stairs for the ubiquitous group shot or walking through confetti.  100 wedding guests and you want a photograph with everyone?  No problem with the sunny front steps at Islington Town Hall.

  5. There are lots of nearby locations for cool couple photos after the ceremony.  What can I say?  There are just so many easy spots for fun, relaxed couple photos after your ceremony at Islington Town Hall.  The fire station, along Upper Street with red buses, green garden squares and Georgian architecture. Take a short walk with your friendly, female wedding photographer and there are countless great locations to capture the perfect couple photograph.

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