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wedding photographer for London and gay weddings

gay wedding photographer London

... and all kinds of weddings

I have been doing wedding photography throughout London and the UK since 2006 when a  gay wedding ceremony was first called a civil partnership. I was incredibly lucky to be one of the UK's first photographers to document a same sex wedding, and my journey since 2006 has been a fantastic story of hope, style and love.

Before I photographed my first same sex wedding in London, I wanted to hear some ideas on how to ensure capture the excitement and momentousness of such an incredible ceremony and moment in a couple's lives. My best friend in the world is one half of a gay couple - groom and groom in a same sex marriage - who also planned their own gay wedding at the Hague city hall the Netherlands before gay marriage was legalised in the UK.


I asked them what they thought I should do for a lgbtq couples on their big day to make sure they would absolutely love their pictures and had fun on such a special day. I wanted the photographs I returned to the couple to celebrate diversity and to ensure the couple would feel comfortable in front of the camera. My friends gave me such simple advice which I still adhere to today as a frequent London gay wedding photographer - "just ask the guy what he wants. " Gay weddings are just weddings with marriage equality, and gay wedding photography is just wedding photography with a bit more fun and diversity thrown in.

Of course, that is still how I make sure all my couple feel like they are in their comfort zone as I shoot the moments and portraits for their wedding. If the groom and/or bride want to show off their love with public cuddle and kiss - that's fine with me. Equally, if they'd prefer a shot which is simple, relaxed and natural and doesn't feel weird to pose for in front of family or guests - that's wonderful too. The rest of the day I photograph like any other wedding - including walking down the aisle, the details of the venues, pictures of the grooms or brides getting ready beforehand. I know how to predict and capture each gorgeous shot from my years of experience working in the wedding industry as a gay wedding photographer London.

It's their life, their love, and my job as a same sex wedding photographer (or more simply stated just a wedding photographer) to shoot gorgeous photos which are celebrating diversity just as I would want at my own wedding. Same sex weddings are just like any other wedding day. Photographing love at a gay weddings and lgbt weddings packed with love, style and magical moments is just the most incredible honour. They are also a lot of fun and filled with pure joy! They gay couples for whom I 've taken wedding photos have booked some of the best venues in London and been some of the most awesome grooms and brides to shoot.

Just see some of the awesome testimonials from past clients for whom I've done wedding photography and captured the after party on the dance floor. My prices for gay wedding photography London start at coverage of the wedding ceremony only for just an hour at £300 on a weekday. For longer wedding photography packages to include more images of the wedding at more than one venue, in our out of London, and the wedding reception, get in touch. I'd love to hear from you and shoot the excitement of your big day with a fantastic set of images.

I love being a gay wedding photographer in London for same sex weddings.

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