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NHS Photography on North Mids Hospital Starlight Ward

I absolutely love photographing at North Middlesex Hospital for so many reasons - the people, the building, the light to name a few. In all honesty, I love photographing for the NHS, full stop. It's such a privilege to capture the people and stories from all walks of life and share them with others.

As I've photographed many times at N Mids, I was given a bit more freedom to sink in the background and capture natural images in the beautiful light and colours as backdrop for the beautiful nurses on the children's Starlight Ward.

Having had a son hospitalised in the past year on the children's ward (at amazing Whittington closer to my home in Highgate), I have so much respect for the hard-working nurses who look after others with care, patience and expertise.

NHS photographer

Hospital photography

Female NHS photographer

Communications photographer for NHS

NHS Trust photography

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